You might think that wild grape vines are just grape vines that are in nature, well your wrong. Wild grape vines are woody vines​ and when are fully grown can reach up to 30 feet tall! They use above ground roots known as tendrils. The grape vines use tendrils to grab the branches or bark of taller plants. The grape vines take the sunlight and space from other plants. This results in a loss of habitats for many animals. We need to stop these rapidly spreading invasive plant before it is the only plant left to see in our woods and forests! There are a few ways you can stop these plants...
  • You can cut them, but it won't do any good unless you cut the roots also.
  • If you find them when they are still small, you can pull out the roots.
This is what ALL our forests and woods would look like if we don't get down to work!